Howdy, my name is taylor!

I'm from a small town in Nebraska with the prettiest skies and the nicest people. I'm 20 years old. I was raised on classic/hard rock music. my favorite movies are any classic 80's film. I would also say the 70's/80's is my favorite time period. (Maybe that's why I'm kind of a hippie.) I'm always down to travel and explore somewhere new. So that's a little bit about let me tell you about how I started photography.

My love for the camera began when i was really young. In elementary, I started making music videos and posting them to youtube. Then I discovered photography! I remember just taking photos of everything. A random tree *click* my dog *click* a really cool leaf *click.* It wasn't until high school when i started taking photos of my friends for their instagrams. I love what I do. It makes me so happy capturing beautiful life moments. So id love to share my gift with you <3